Slurpee Funko Pop 191 – Good Slurper Cup Diamond Exclusive 7-Eleven 2022

Folks, let me tell you about the Slurpee Funko Pop 191! This is one unique collectible that’s sure to be a touchdown for any fan of Funko!


Slurpee Funko Pop 191

This figure captures the classic Slurpee cup in all its frosty glory, complete with all the details you expect from a high-quality Funko Pop. From the signature blue and red swirls to the classic logo, it’s all there, and it’s all accurate.

I love how they’ve captured the fun and playful spirit of the Slurpee brand, and turned it into a collectible that fans will cherish for years to come. And, just like a Slurpee on a hot summer day, this Funko Pop will provide a burst of cool and refreshing fun to any collection.

So, if you’re a fan of Funko or just love fun and collectible things, then you have to get your hands on the Slurpee Funko Pop 191.

It’s a real crowd-pleaser, folks!

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