Get ready Funko fans, the all-new Bitty Pop! line is about to make its grand debut!

Bitty Pop Harry Potter

Hey there, Funko fans! Gotmypop has got some exciting news for you. Funko is launching a new line of collectibles called Bitty Pop! and they’re going to be on display for the first time at the London Toy Fair this week.

So, if you’re going, be sure to check them out. And, if you like what you see, you can now buy Bitty Pops on!

Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to see and collect these miniature versions of your favorite Funko Pop! figures. 

Mark your calendars and head to the London Toy Fair 2023 to be a part of this historic moment in Funko history!

Also, Funko just released a sneak peek video of the new collectibles, go check it out!

Funko is coming out with a new line of collectibles called Bitty Pop! and they’re basically mini versions of the regular Funko Pop! figures. They’re sculpted in the same style, but they’re just a lot smaller, only measuring about an inch in height.

The first wave of these Bitty Pop! figures will feature characters from the Harry Potter franchise like Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and Harry Potter. And not just that, also featuring classic Disney icons like Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Daisy and Donald Duck, and more.

Each package is priced at $14.99 and comes with three figures and one mystery figure in an acrylic display case, so these figures will be nice display pieces for Funko Funatics and collectors.

Check out more images of the new collectibles, and the acrylic case they are packed with, and see just how small they are!

These mini figures come with their own little display box, and the best part is, you can take them out of the packaging and use the base of the box as a little stand.

And if you’re worried about how to display and transport them, don’t worry, each package also comes with a clear acrylic stacking case which makes it easy to do both.

The best part is, you get four figures per package plus the acrylic display case, which is a great deal! Plus, the little bases for each figure are a nice touch, making it easy to show them off.

This is the first time they’re releasing a dedicated line of these mini figures and it’s really exciting because there are so many possibilities for what they could do with different licenses.

It’ll also be interesting to see if Funko tries to create some rare collectibles and show exclusives in the Bitty Pop! format.

A big part of collecting Funko Pop figures is searching for the elusive exclusives and chase variants, so it would be cool if they experiment with that in this new line. But, it looks like each package also comes with a mystery figure, so that’s something to look forward to as well.

If you’re in London, you can check out the new Bitty Pop! figures at the London Toy Fair from Jan. 23-25. It’s being held at the Olympia London Grand and National Halls. And for everyone else, you’ll be able to purchase these new mini-figures later this year.

Where To Buy Funko Bitty Pops Now?

Funko recently opened pre-orders for their new line of Bitty Pops, which were first announced at the London Toy Fair in January.

Bitty Pops are miniature versions of the beloved Funko Pops, measuring just 1 inch in size. Each package contains three standard figures and one mystery figure, all displayed in an acrylic case and priced at $14.99.

The Bitty Pops are even packaged in small Funko boxes for added cuteness.

The initial Bitty line focuses on two popular franchises: Harry Potter and Disney. Harry Potter fans can look forward to seeing Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Dumbledore, and Harry Potter in miniature form.

The classic Disney lineup includes Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Daisy and Donald Duck, Chip and Dale, Pluto, and many more!

You can now buy Bitty Pops on!

Funko Bitty POP! Harry Potter & Disney

The new series of mini POP! figures have been officially announced, featuring characters from Harry Potter and Disney franchises. Each set will contain four mini POP! figures of the same brand, with three of them being visible and the fourth being a mystery chase figure.

For instance, the Harry Potter set will include Harry, Dobby, and Draco, with the mystery chase figure being one of Professor Snape, Fawkes, Hedwig, or Quidditch Harry.

The mystery chase figures are randomly distributed across all sets.

Harry Potter Bitty Pop

  • Harry Potter, Dobby, Draco Malfoy, & Mystery Chase
  • Hermione, Ron, Hagrid, & Mystery Chase
  • Voldemort, Quidditch Draco, Bellatrix, & Mystery Chase
  • Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, Nearly Headless Nick, & Mystery Chase

Harry Potter Mystery Chase Bitty Pops

  • Professor Snape
  • Fawkes
  • Hedwig
  • Quidditch Harry

Disney Bitty Pop

  • Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Minnie Mouse, & Mystery Chase
  • Goofy, Chip, Minnie Mouse, & Mystery Chase
  • Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Daffy Duck, & Mystery Chase
  • Sorcerer Mickey, Dale, Princess Minnie, & Mystery Chase

Disney Mystery Chase Bitty Pops

  • Brave Little Tailor
  • Steamboat Willie
  • Band Concert Mickey
  • Conductor Mickey

I’m curious to know what you think about them. Are you planning on adding any of these to your collection? And while we’re on the topic of Funko Pop figures, what are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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