How To Buy Funko NFTs EASILY

To buy Funko NFTs, no prior knowledge of the crypto community is necessary.

We will provide a five-step guide to buying Funko NFTs without using crypto.

We will also introduce Funko NFTs and explain everything you need to start your NFT journey.

Additionally, we will discuss the growing popularity of NFTs and how Funko has incorporated these digital collectibles into its fan base.

Buy Funko NFTs Einstein

What Is Funko Digital Pop?

Funko Digital Pop is a digital wallet designed for storing Funko Digital Pop collectibles on the blockchain.

These non-fungible tokens are shaped like Funko Pop figures and are similar to baseball or Pokemon cards.

Digital Pop provides a secure online location for collecting these NFTs, which includes details about when they were released, the mint number, and the number of tokens released.

Mint numbers range from 0 to 10,000+ depending on the availability of the NFT project. The mint number also indicates the version of the NFT you possess out of the limited supply.

Some projects have a mint number of 24, making it an extremely rare NFT if you own 1/24.

Additionally, Digital Pop offers Funko NFTs that can be redeemed for physical items.

However, most collectors only collect them to obtain the exclusive physical Funko Pop that comes with the digital NFT set.

How much are Funko NFTs worth?

According to available data, the cumulative value of all digital Funko Pop vinyl figures is approximately $3291.

The average monthly gain for this collection is -3%.

The most expensive digital Funko Pop is 01 Leonardo (NFT), which has an estimated price of $540.

On the other hand, the cheapest figure in this collection is 17 Klingon (NFT) with a current estimated price of $70.

How do I claim my Funko NFT?

Upon the expiry of 120 days, a new token shall be added to your wallet. This token is called a Redemption Coin, and it must be redeemed (burned) within 30 days to obtain your collectible.

For every eligible NFT (or set Mastery) present in your wallet when the coins are distributed, you will be entitled to receive a 1x Redemption Coin.

What are the Funko NFT series coins for?

Funko produces collectible digital items known as Funko Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Each pack provides an opportunity to acquire one of the exclusive digital Pop collectibles that are unveiled upon opening.

How many funko NFT packs can you buy?

You can select from two pack sizes: Standard and Premium. Each pack consists of pre-minted cards and a bonus NFT, providing an opportunity for a special surprise.

It is recommended to open all packs to uncover the offerings.

There is a total availability of 18,000 Standard packs and 6,000 Premium packs, and a transaction limit of $30 USD per purchase.

How To Buy Funko NFTs Easily Using A Credit Card?

Buying your first Funko NFT can be an exciting and memorable experience.

You do not need to use any crypto coins to buy a Funko NFT initially. Major credit card providers, such as Visa and Discover, are accepted for the initial purchase.

However, if you miss the drop and want to buy Funko NFTs on the secondary market, you will need to purchase the WAX crypto coin.

We suggest starting with the following five steps to buying Funko NFTs:

  1. Go to the Funko Digital Pop website
  2. Create a WAX or DROPPP™ account
  3. Join the virtual line and wait for the NFT drop
  4. Buy the Funko NFT pack and open it when available
  5. Join a Discord channel to stay informed about new NFT drops

Let’s explore each step in more detail.

1. Go to the Funko Digital Pop website

The Funko Digital Pop website keeps you informed about the latest Funko NFT drops and notifies you when drops are sold out.

You can mark your calendar for the next upcoming drop you would like to attend and revisit the website at the scheduled time and day.

In addition, the website will prompt you to create a DROPP™ account, which will serve as your digital wallet for keeping your NFTs secure.

If you would like to view all your NFTs in one place on your phone, you can use the Tokenhead app, a popular digital collectibles app for collectors.

2. Create a WAX or DROPPP™ account 

To store your NFTs, you require a digital wallet that will generate a public address on the blockchain.

This address will display the NFTs you purchase, adding to the excitement by keeping a record of when you bought them.

Once you have purchased your NFTs, you can sell, trade, or buy them directly on the WAX secondary market known as AtomicMarket.

3. Join the Virtual Line and Wait for the Funko NFT drop

Funko Pop NFTs are released on a specific launch date and become available in a series.

To purchase them, you’ll need to wait in a virtual line via the website during the time of the drop.

The drops usually happen at 9 am PT or 12 pm EST, but some projects have multiple drops on different days with limited quantities.

The launch date and time can be advertised months in advance and are typically announced on Twitter by Funko, Inc.

4. Buy the Funko NFT Pack and Open It When Available

After buying your first NFT purchase, you will typically receive a pack containing one to ten digital collectible cards.

In some cases, there are multiple tiers available that offer more cards ranging from 30 to 50.

To decide which pack to purchase, you should consider the number of cards you will receive relative to the price.

Additionally, it’s important to note that there are limits of two (2) of each pack type (Premium and Standard) per transaction.

5. Join a Discord Channel to Stay Informed About New Funko NFT drops

Discord communities are gaining popularity and are essential for the NFT community as they offer the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and stay up-to-date with the latest NFT drops.

When looking for a Discord community, it is essential to consider the following factors:

  • Does the community align with your interests or passion?
  • What is the size of the community, and are you comfortable with its scale?
  • Is the community reputable and well-known?

It is important to note that you should never share your wallet address with anyone, and if someone asks for it, it is likely a scam. Avoid communities where scammers are known to frequent.

Below is a list of popular and safe NFT Discord communities:

Reasons to Buy Funko NFTs

Freddy Funko NFT

Funko’s Physical Redemptions Add Value to NFTs, Making Them Desirable for Collectors.

So not only can you enjoy collecting these digital pop culture items, but you can also potentially make a profit by reselling them.

This combination of physical redemptions and the potential for profit has made Funko NFTs a popular choice among collectors and investors alike.

It’s important to note that while some NFTs have skyrocketed in value, there is also a risk of losing money if the market for a particular NFT crashes or if you are scammed.

As with any investment, it’s important to do your research and only invest what you can afford to lose.

Overall, buying at least one Funko NFT is a unique and exciting way to add to your collection while potentially earning a profit.

Just be sure to stay informed about drops, join a community, and exercise caution when making any investment decisions.

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Are you a Funko Pop! collector? What’s your most valuable Funko Pop? Would you consider selling at the right price?

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