How are Funko Pops Made? (2023)

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Greetings, my fellow science enthusiasts! Today, we’re going to explore the exciting world of Funko Pops and discover how are funko pops made and brought to life. Funko, the company behind these iconic figures, was established in 1998 in Everett, Washington, United States.

Funko operates on a global scale, with production facilities located in various regions across the world, including China, Vietnam, and the United States.

But have you ever wondered what goes into making these figurines and getting them from the factory to your doorstep?

Well, buckle up, because we’re about to find out!

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How Are Funko Pops Made?

S-T-E-A-M it up, folks! Let’s talk about the science behind Funko Pop vinyl figures. They’re made using a process called ROTOCASTING. That’s right, rotocasting!

What happens is, they create a mold of the desired figure, and then, BAM! They inject molten vinyl into the mold, let it cool and harden, and POP! The mold opens and out comes the finished figure, ready for your collection.

How are funko pops made with a rotocasting machine
Rotocasting Machine

How are Funko Pops Designed and Molded?

Let’s get creative, folks! The first step in making a Funko Pop vinyl figure is to bring your design to life. It starts with creating a 3D model of the character or object that the figure will represent. Wow, that’s amazing!

Next, we take that design and make a mold. And not just any mold, folks, but a mold made of silicone rubber. That’s right, it’s flexible and durable, perfect for creating our Funko Pop figures.

And finally, it’s time to get the party started with rotocasting! We place the mold in a rotocasting machine, which is like a dance floor with a turntable and a molding head. The mold is attached to the turntable, and the molding head is positioned above it, ready to inject that molten vinyl and make our Funko Pop come to life.

Funko Pop Molding Example
Mold Creation

What is Rotocasting?

Hold on to your lab coats, folks! It’s time to talk about rotocasting! You might know it as rotational casting or centrifugal casting, but whatever you call it, it’s a brilliant manufacturing process. Here’s how it works: you take a mold, and you spin it like crazy while you pour in the liquid material.

That’s right, the centrifugal force generated by the spin helps distribute the material evenly throughout the mold, producing a cast object with a smooth surface and minimal surface defects. That’s what makes it perfect for creating our Funko Pop vinyl figures.

And then, here comes the magic: we heat the vinyl to a temperature where it becomes liquid and BOOM! Inject it into the mold through the molding head. It’s like a science fair project come to life, folks!

Funko Pop Molding Example
Getting Ready To Spin

How Does Rotocasting Work?

Let’s get moving, folks! The turntable starts to spin, and the vinyl evenly coats the inside of the mold. That’s what we call rotocasting, and it’s not just for Funko Pop figures, oh no! This process is used to make all sorts of products, from toys and figurines to pipes, tanks, and gear housings. It’s a versatile science, indeed!

And now, the moment we’ve been waiting for! The vinyl cools and hardens, and we open the mold to reveal the finished Funko Pop. And it’s not just any figure, folks, it’s a work of art, painted by hand with special paints and techniques to give it the desired appearance.

And finally, it’s time to take this science project on the road! We package and ship the Funko Pop to stores, where it’s sold to collectors and fans like you! Science, creativity, and fun all in one, folks!

How are Funko Pops Packaged & Shipped?

Funko Pop Protective Box
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Let’s get ready to ship, folks! Funko Pops are on the move, and we want to make sure they arrive safely at their destination. That’s why we pack them up tight in a box or envelope, with protective packaging material to prevent any damage during shipping.

And it’s not just any old box, folks! We choose the right packaging method based on the size and fragility of the Pop, as well as the shipping destination. If it’s a larger Pop or one that’s particularly fragile, we make sure to pack it in a sturdy box with bubble wrap or other protective material to keep it safe during transit.

That’s the science of shipping, folks! We want to make sure your Funko Pop arrives in pristine condition, ready to join your collection.

Funko Pop Double Box
Photo Courtesy of StockX

Smaller Pops may be shipped in a bubble mailer or envelope with additional protective material to prevent them from being damaged.

Funko Pop Bubble Wrap and Box
Photo Courtesy of StockX

Regardless of the packaging method, it’s important to handle the Pops with care to ensure that they arrive at their destination in good condition. 

Funko Pop Ready To Ship
Photo Courtesy of ToyStlkr

This includes properly securing the Pops in the packaging and ensuring that the package is properly sealed before shipping.


It’s fascinating to learn about the whole process from design to manufacturing.

Let’s continue our Funko journey and find out Things Every Funko Pop Collector Must Know or let’s kickstart your collection with our Funko Pop Guide!

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