What Is A Funko Pop Mystery Box?

A Funko Pop Mystery Box is a purchase with a lottery format, where the funko pops received is not known in advance and may be valued higher than the purchase price.

Funko Pop Mystery Box Eleven with Eggos

The funko pops included in the mystery box are selected randomly, offering collectors the chance to obtain rare or coveted funko pops at a reduced cost.

The Funko Pop Mystery Mini series is a collection of miniature vinyl figures that are approximately 2.5 inches tall and come in different widths.

When purchasing a Mystery Mini, the figures are randomly selected and the packaging is blind and scattered. The specific figure variation included in the box is not known until the box is purchased and opened. Typically, each box contains six different Funko pops.

Most Funko Pop Mystery Mini collections include 12-17 different characters/variations of a figure. Some boxes may contain rarer figures with unique variations, such as a glow-in-the-dark finish or a different design.

The Mystery Mini series features various themes, such as Five Nights at Freddy’s, Avengers: Infinity War, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Mystery Minis collecting can be an enjoyable but expensive method of acquiring Funko vinyl figures. Due to the randomized nature of the blind boxes, many boxes may need to be purchased to complete a desired collection.

This may result in acquiring duplicates. Fortunately, one can sell these duplicates online or trade them for desired figures to complete their collection.

Why Are Mystery Funko Pops A Good Deal?

Funko Pop Mystery Box Eddie Munson Funko Pop

Purchasing a Mystery Funko pop box provides collectors with a cost-effective means of obtaining multiple figures. Some benefits of purchasing a Mystery Box include:

  • Reviews from online purchasers indicate that up to two exclusive figures may be included in the box.
  • When calculating the cost per figure in the collection, it becomes apparent that purchasing the figures as part of the Mystery Box is more affordable than buying them individually.
  • Acquiring duplicates can be advantageous, as they can be sold at a higher price online or traded for desired figures to complete one’s collection.
  • The excitement of not knowing the contents of the box adds to the overall thrill of collecting. Additionally, purchasing Mystery Boxes can be a fun and economical way to expand one’s collection, particularly for those just starting out.

What Is The Usual Size Of A Mystery Funko Pop Box?

Funko Pop Mystery Box Inspector Gadget Funko Pop

There is variation in size among Mystery Funko Pop boxes. Some boxes differ slightly in size from others, but the most commonly listed size on credible websites is 12L x 8W x 10H inches.

Examples of Mystery Funko Pop Boxes


  • Dimension: 16 X 16 X 6 inches
  • Weight: 2.33 pounds
  • Age (recommended by the manufacturer): 14 years and above

Containing 8 Random Funko Pops with box damage, such as creases, dings, or dents, this box does not include duplicates. It is a cost-effective option and an ideal choice for out-of-box collectors.


  • Dimension: 12 X 8 X 10 inches
  • Weight: 2.29 pounds
  • Age (Recommended by manufacturer): 14 years and above

The Funko Pop Mystery Box includes 6 random Funko Pops in mint condition, without any duplicates. However, purchasing multiple boxes does not guarantee that duplicates will not be received in the total order.


  • Dimension: 0.39 X 0.39 X 0.39 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Age (Recommended by manufacturer): 14 years and above

When purchasing this mystery box of 6 randomly inserted Funko POP Vinyl figures, there is a high likelihood of receiving a randomly inserted Limited Edition Chase or a Store Exclusive Variant.

These variants come from different lines, including movies, games, sports, and animations.

Each figure in the collection stands approximately 3 ¾ inches tall and is brand new. However, as with other mystery boxes, there is a possibility of receiving duplicates if multiple boxes are purchased.

This box may also contain some of the Vaulted Funko Pops that collectors have been searching for.


  • Dimension: 12 X 8 X 10 inches
  • Weight: 15 ounces
  • Age (Recommended by manufacturer): 14 years and above

When purchasing this box, it is important to have realistic expectations. There is a possibility of obtaining a Funko Pop valued at $100 in the collection, but there is no guarantee.

Two of the pops in the box are labeled as Exclusives. It is worth noting that “Exclusive” is not the same as “Chase.” However, “Chase” is considered an “Exclusive,” which means it is possible to receive a “Chase” among the “Exclusive” pieces.

Other exclusives that may be included are convention exclusives, collector box exclusives, or store exclusives.

Generally, the Pops! in the box will be in good condition, but this is not guaranteed. Some boxes may contain pops with minor defects.


  • Dimension: 6 X 4 X 4 inches
  • Weight: 6.1 inches
  • Age (Recommended by manufacturer): Available from March 23, 2016

This Mystery Box includes 10 Random Funko POPS with a variety of titles, including cartoons, TV series, movies, sports, anime, video games, and TV shows, among others.

You cannot select a particular style as each box is unique, and duplicates are not included.

Whether you’re new to collecting Funko POPS or a seasoned collector looking to expand your collection, this is the ultimate starter pack.

It’s also a great gift for any pet lovers in your life. However, please note that purchasing multiple boxes may result in duplicates.

If you’re interested, check out a video of a fellow collector unboxing a similar mystery box!

Where Can You Get Mystery Funko Pop Boxes?

Mystery Funko Pop boxes can be found from various sources, including popular online stores such as Amazon, eBay, and Entertainment Earth.

  • Amazon is a globally leading eCommerce website that offers a vast collection of Funko Pops, including Mystery Funko Pop Boxes, with reliable and authentic products as indicated by buyer reviews.
  • eBay is a well-known and reliable online store that offers an extensive collection of Funko Pop products.
  • Entertainment Earth, one of the most prominent and leading online stores, specializes in gathering stores and offers an enormous range of single cards, accessories, and sealed products at competitive prices, making it a great place to handle Mystery Boxes.

Why Buying Mystery Funko Pop Boxes Isn’t For Everyone

Funko Pop Mystery Box Pokemon Funko Pops with Girl

The outcome of purchasing a particular mystery box varies, making the process of hunting for Funko Pops even more thrilling because the buyer is unsure which ones they will receive.

However, if an individual does not prefer the uncertainty of not knowing which pop they have paid for, then Mystery Boxes may not be suitable for them.

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Are you a Funko Pop! collector? Have you bought a Mystery Funko Pop Box? What was the most valuable Funko Pop you got?

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