Funko Pops with Purpose: How Collecting Can Make a Difference

Are you a Funko Pop collector looking to make a positive impact in the world? Look no further than Funko Pops with Purpose, a line of collectibles that not only add to your collection but also support various charities and causes.

Funko Pops with Purpose Make Wish America Heart

From limited edition Pops that benefit animal shelters to exclusive figures that raise funds for cancer research, these purposeful Pops allow you to indulge in your hobby while also giving back.

Learn more about Funko Pops with Purpose and how your collection can make a difference today!

What Are Funko Pops With Purpose?

Funko Pops with Purpose is a line of collectible figurines from the popular toy company, Funko, that aims to combine the fun of collecting with the opportunity to support various charities and causes.

These special edition Pops are designed to benefit a specific charity or cause, with a portion of the proceeds going directly to that organization.

For example, there are Pops that support animal shelters, cancer research, mental health awareness, and more.

Such as the ASCPA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®), the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Make-A-Wish America.

Funko Pops with Purpose not only offers fans of the brand the chance to expand their collections but also allows them to make a difference in the world through their purchases.

These purposeful Pops are often limited edition, making them even more sought after by collectors, and the fact that they support a good cause only adds to their appeal.

Funko Pops with Purpose is a great way for collectors to give back to their communities while indulging in their passion for collecting.

Where To Buy Funko Pops With Purpose?

Funko Pops with Purpose can be found at a variety of retailers, both online and in-store.

Some popular online retailers that offer a wide selection of these purposeful Pops include:


Offers a vast range of Funko Pops with Purpose, with many of them being eligible for free shipping and Prime delivery.

A great online retailer that specializes in collectibles, including limited edition Pops that support various charities and causes. They also offer pre-order options for upcoming releases, ensuring that collectors can get their hands on the latest Funko Pops with Purpose.

Ebay offers an extensive range of these purposeful Pops, often at competitive prices. They provide a user-friendly interface and a smooth checkout process, making it easy to add Funko Pops with Purpose to your collection while supporting a good cause.

Whether you prefer to shop online or in-store, these retailers offer an excellent selection of Funko Pops with Purpose for collectors of all levels.

Funko Pops with Purpose Make Wish America Spiderman R2D2 Minnie Mouse

What Was The First Funko Pops With Purpose?

Funko launched the initiative “Pops! With Purpose” which connects Funko Pop! characters to causes that matter to their employees, fans, and the wider community.

The program launched with an auction at FunKon 2021 and will expand each year with a range of products in collaboration with various charities.

The Pop! With Purpose figures will support various philanthropic organizations such as The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Rivit, Operation Homefront, and the It Gets Better Project.

Each “Pops With Purpose” figure sold will have a designated sticker and box art to indicate that Funko has made a charitable donation to the organization.

Funko has a history of community engagement through its Funko Cares program, which includes monetary and product donations.

By buying and displaying a Pop! With Purpose, fans can show their support for a cause that contributes to making the world a kinder and more equitable place for all.

What Causes And Charities Do Funko Pops With Purpose Support?

Funko Pops with Purpose supports a variety of causes and charities that are important to both the company and its fans.

These include Make-A-Wish America, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Rivit, Operation Homefront, and the It Gets Better Project.

By purchasing a Funko Pop with Purpose, fans are not only adding a unique collectible to their collection, but they are also contributing to a worthy cause.

For example, the Make-A-Wish-inspired Pop! figures will help to grant wishes for children with critical illnesses, while the Breast Cancer Research Foundation-inspired Pops will fund research into the disease.

Each Funko Pop with Purpose sold has a designated sticker and box art to indicate that Funko has made a charitable donation to the organization.

The amount donated by Funko may vary, but the company has committed to supporting each organization in a meaningful way.

Funko’s partnerships with these organizations provide much-needed support to their efforts and allow fans to contribute in a tangible way to causes that are important to them.

This means that not only are fans able to enjoy their Pop collectibles, but they can also take pride in knowing that they are making a difference in the lives of others.

Funko Pops with Purpose Breast Cancer Awareness Bombshells

Are Funko Pops with Purpose Limited Edition?

Funko Pops with Purpose are often limited edition collectibles that are highly sought after by collectors and fans alike.

As such, Funko releases these special Pops in small quantities, making them harder to come by than regular Pops.

Availability of Funko Pops with Purpose can vary, but they can often be purchased directly from the Funko website, as well as through select online retailers such as Amazon, Entertainment Earth, and

Funko also occasionally releases Funko Pops with Purpose exclusively at conventions, such as FunKon.

Since Funko Pops with Purpose are often limited edition, collectors are advised to act quickly to secure their desired Pops.

Additionally, since each Pop sold goes towards supporting a philanthropic organization, collectors can take pride in knowing that their purchase is making a positive impact on the world.

Funko Pops with Purpose Military Marines

Funko Pops with Purpose Checklist

Pops! With Purpose – Make-A-Wish 2022 Collection
BB-8 (Metallic)
Cheshire Cat (Metallic)
Iron Man (Metallic) – Funko Shop
Mickey Mouse (Metallic) – BoxLunch
Minnie Mouse (Metallic)
Spider-Man (Metallic)
Stormtrooper (Metallic) – GameStop
Sulley (Metallic)
Winnie the Pooh (Metallic) – Hot Topic

Pops! With Purpose – Rivet Youth Trust Collection
Yara Flor (Future State) – DC Comics Wonder Woman
Spock (in Chair) – Star Trek
SpongeBob SquarePants – SpongeBob SquarePants

Pops! With Purpose – ASPCA
1274. Einstein – Back to the Future – Funko Shop
1276. Toto in Basket – The Wizard of Oz – Funko Shop

Pops! With Purpose – Color Compton
09. Venus Williams – Funko Shop
307. Eric “Eazy-E†Wright – Funko Shop

Pops! With Purpose – Pride 2022 Collection (It Gets Better Project)
153. Robin
156. Harley Quinn
157. Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy / Harley Quinn / Robin (3 Pack) – Walmart

Pop! DC Comics Bombshells – Breast Cancer Awareness
166. Harley Quinn
167. Wonder Woman
221. Batwoman – Funko Shop
222. Supergirl
223. Hawkgirl – Target
225. Catwoman

Pop! Sanrio Hello Kitty – Breast Cancer Awareness
57. Hello Kitty – Funko Shop

Pop! United States Military Air Force Collection
Airman Male (African American)
Airman Male (Hispanic)
Airman Male (Camo) (Caucasian)
Airman Female (Camo) (African American)
Airman Female (Camo) (Hispanic)
Airman Female (Caucasian)

Pop! United States Military Army Collection
Soldier Male (African American)
Soldier Male (Camo) (Hispanic)
Soldier Male (Camo) (Caucasian)
Soldier Female (Hispanic)
Soldier Female (Camo) (African American)
Soldier Female (Caucasian)

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