The Ultimate Funko Pop Addiction Guide

Collecting Funko Pops or any other item can become a challenging addiction. Our guide is designed to assist you in determining whether your Funko Pop Addiction has become an unhealthy habit and offers solutions to manage or overcome it.

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This guide explores the reasons behind the addictive nature of Funko Pops and provides practical steps to avoid excessive attachment to this hobby.

Why Are Funko Pops So Addictive?

Funko Pops are addictive because there are so many different ones to collect, they are cheap, and collecting them involves buying, selling, and trading.

Collecting Funko Pops is like a form of retail therapy that offers many benefits, including a friendly community of Funko Pop collectors and the opportunity to attend in-person events and make deals.

Moreover, collecting things, in general, can be addictive.

Collectors may form new relationships with individuals who share similar interests, and the process of discovering new items to add to their collection can be exhilarating.

Additionally, possessing a physical representation of a beloved character or sports icon can create a sense of connection to their achievements and character.

An easy way to lessen the effects of a Funko Pop Addiction is to get them as cheap as possible, check out our guide on How to Find Cheap Funko Pops and Save Cash!

However, excessive indulgence in any activity or object is never good!

Why do I like Funko Pops so much?

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Funko Pops are extremely popular, and their toys feature well-known characters, making them great gift options.

You can conveniently buy Funko Pops online as a birthday present for your friends or family members who would enjoy receiving a POP! figurine.

From Star Wars enthusiasts to specialized collectors, individuals of all ages will appreciate the gift of a Funko Pop.

Why is Funko Pop Collecting a Good Addiction?

Keeping your mind engaged with a healthy obsession in your hobby can provide emotional benefits.

Here are a few more reasons why collecting Funko Pops can be addictive:

  • To finish the collection: Acquiring every Funko Pop in a specific line can feel like a significant accomplishment, similar to crossing off a huge to-do list.
  • For nostalgia: Remembering the moment you bought a Funko Pop or how the characters make you feel can evoke a sense of nostalgia.
  • Because they appreciate in value: Recognizing that these collectibles increase in worth over time can make collecting them even more exciting for the future.

Collecting Funko POP! figurines can be a fun and enjoyable experience, regardless of whether you choose to keep them in the box or take them out.

In addition to the personal enjoyment they bring, collectors also recognize the potential for significant financial gain through the secondary market.

Due to their limited editions, rarity, and popularity, some Funko POPs! have sold for several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Why Would Anyone Collect Funko Pops?

Why Are Funko Pops Popular? In addition to their adorable features, collecting Funko Pops is an enjoyable activity as you can acquire different versions of your favorite characters.

With a large number of fans attempting to collect merchandise from their preferred movies, games, comics, artists, and even famous people, there is always a new Funko Pop to add to your collection.

Is Collecting Funko Pops a Hobby?

Collecting Funko Pops may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. With a well-defined game plan, clear collecting goals, and our nifty Funko Pop Guide, it can be a fun and enjoyable hobby.

It’s essential to remember that collecting, in general, can be a fun and engaging activity, and collecting Funko Pops is no exception.

Are Funko Pops a bad investment?

Considering that Funko Pop figurines are relatively low-priced compared to other collectibles, it’s reasonable to question whether their values will increase significantly in the future.

However, the reality is that most Funko Pops will not appreciate substantially, even over extended periods of 10-20 years or more.

Not unless you are able to get one of the Most Expensive Funko Pops in the World which are surely to go up in value! Or learn How To Know Which Funko Pops Will Be Valuable!

When Does Funko Pop Collecting Become Too Much?

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Collecting Funko Pops can bring immense joy and isn’t something to be ashamed of. However, it’s crucial to recognize when the hobby becomes excessive.

If collecting Funko Pops is causing financial or personal difficulties, it’s time to consider selling your collection.

Remember, it’s your decision whether or not to continue the hobby.

But, it’s important to keep in mind that Funko Pop collecting is just a leisure activity and not worth damaging relationships or friendships over.

How To Stop Becoming Addicted to Funko Pops?

Here are some tips to help manage your Funko Pop collecting hobby:

  1. Designate a specific day of the week for buying Funkos, such as Saturdays, to prevent overspending.
  2. Set a limit for the number of Funkos you want to collect, and sell the ones you no longer want once you reach your limit.
  3. Talk to a friend or family member about your hobby to keep yourself accountable and in check.
  4. Instead of buying more Funkos, try to replace the habit with a different activity such as reading a book or watching a movie.
  5. Remember to celebrate small victories, like reducing the number of purchases, as you work to manage your addiction.

It’s important to recognize the difference between collecting and hoarding Funko Pops.

Collectors have specific reasons for collecting, as we discussed earlier.

On the other hand, hoarders are obsessed with Funko Pops and may engage in excessive Funko-related activities that interfere with daily life.

What is the Difference Between Collecting Funko Pops and a Hoarding Addiction?

Here are some signs that a person may be a Funko Pop hoarder rather than a Pop collector:

  • They struggle to get rid of Funko Pops, even if they hold little to no value.
  • They experience emotional pain or a strong desire to keep their collection, making it difficult to let go of any Pops.
  • The hoarding creates severe clutter in their home or workplace, making it unbearable to be in.
  • The hoarding causes significant problems in important areas of their life, such as their social or vocational functioning.
  • The hoarding is not due to another illness, such as dementia.
  • There is no evidence that hoarding is related to another mental illness, such as depression or OCD.

Funko Pop Addiction vs. Funko Pop Collection

Numerous studies have explored the contrasts between collectors and hoarders.

This popular funko pop addiction meme provides an excellent explanation.

Funko Pop Addiction Meme

Here are the main differences between a Funko Collector and a Funko Pop addict:


Funko collectors often choose to display their Pops with their boxes to preserve their value. However, Funko Pop addicts may prioritize quantity over quality, and may display them haphazardly or excessively, creating clutter.

A person who keeps their Funko Pops stored away and doesn’t display them is more likely to have a Funko Pop addiction than a collector.

While some collectors prefer to keep their Pops in their boxes to maintain their value, they still display them in some way.

However, hoarders tend to accumulate a vast number of Funko Pops, making it difficult to navigate their living spaces. Unlike collectors, hoarders do not organize their Pops neatly.

It’s worth noting that not all collectors display their Funko Pops in an orderly fashion, but they are more likely to do so than hoarders.

If you see boxes of funko pops around your place, maybe think of renting a storage unit to keep them there. 


As a Funko collector, you may occasionally choose to sell or give away some of your collection, perhaps to support yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

However, if you find it challenging to part with any of your Funko Pops, even in times of necessity, it could indicate a hoarding problem.

A hoarder with Funko Pop addiction may feel extreme discomfort or anxiety at the thought of giving away, selling, or throwing away any of their collection. They may hold onto every single item they acquire, regardless of its value or importance to them.

If the mere thought of losing a Funko Pop causes stress, seek help from therapists or doctors.

Remember to enjoy your Funko collection as a hobby and not let it consume your time and money.

Prioritize your health and family over material possessions.

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