Funko Pop Releases: Beginners Guide

Exhausted by Missed Funko Pop Releases? Discover the Ultimate Guide to Tracking and Snagging Your Favorite Collectibles!

Funko Pop Releases Eddie Munson Concert

We know the disappointment of missing out on a Funko Pop release, only to find it sold out and having to pay a premium for a coveted figure.

Worry no more! Our comprehensive guide delves into foolproof strategies for staying informed about upcoming Funko Pop launches and securing your desired collectibles in record time.

Say goodbye to frustration and hello to your growing collection!

Let’s dig in!

How To Know When Funko Pops Release?

Stay informed about the newest Funko Pop releases by keeping an eye on retailers’ official social media accounts across platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Discord. Monitor relevant hashtags to ensure you’re in the loop.

Joining groups, communities, and browsing recent Reddit forums discussing potential leaks is another effective way to stay ahead of the game when it comes to upcoming releases.

When Do Funko Pops Release?

Funko typically doesn’t reveal specific release dates, but you can employ strategies to identify patterns in their release schedule. For instance, you may try asking store associates for information, though they may not be permitted to share such details.

Additionally, analyzing past release patterns can provide insights into future schedules. For example, Funko’s official website often launches new products on Fridays or Wednesdays rather than Tuesdays.

Retailers like ‘Hot Topic’ also exhibit their own release tendencies, such as introducing new Funko Pops towards the end of the week.

How Can Social Media Help You Get Pop Vinyl Releaes Easily?

Obtaining information promptly via social media is crucial, and the key lies in identifying reliable, timely, and relevant sources for the specific Funko Pop figures you wish to purchase.

A multitude of Funko Pop influencers share announcements about upcoming releases and leaks, keeping you informed about the latest additions to the collection.

1. Create a Dedicated Instagram or Twitter Account Exclusively for Funko Enthusiasts

Creating a dedicated Instagram or Twitter account allows you to follow prominent Funko Pop collectors who frequently share exclusive drop announcements and leaks about the newest releases.

Rather than posting pictures on this account, you can utilize it solely to stay informed and monitor the Funko Pop landscape.


  • Establish connections with fellow collectors
  • Forge new friendships with like-minded enthusiasts, and stay ahead of the curve by learning about upcoming Funko Pop releases before others.
  • Effortlessly remain informed about restocked Funko Pop drops, ensuring you never miss out.

Top Funko Pop Instagram Accounts to Follow

  1. Funko Official – @originalfunko –
  2. Nathros Funkos – @nathrosfunko –
  3. Pop Academy – @funkopopacademy –
  4. Funko Finderz – @funkofinderz –
  5. Skittlerampage – @skittlerampage –

Top Funko Pop Twitter Accounts to Follow

  1. Funko POP News ! – @FunkoPOPsNews –
  2. Funko POP Hunters – @FunkoPopHunters –
  3. DisTrackers – @DisTrackers –
  4. Funko Shop Alert – @FunkoShopAlert –
  5. Funko Pop Updates – @FunkoPopUpdates –

After following well-known Funko Pop influencer accounts, consider searching for your local retail store accounts as well:

For instance, Hot Topic operates numerous branches nationwide.

To find the specific branch number for the Hot Topic store in your area, consult your local mall’s website.

This way, you can stay informed about releases and events happening close to home.

2. Join Funko Pop Discord Communities

Get on one of these discord discovery websites to find the best funko communities. 


On each platform, you can search by topic, like “Funko Pop” or “Pop Vinyl,” and the most relevant Discord servers related to your query will be displayed.

Though every site offers a slightly distinct server overview, you’ll be able to gauge if they are the right fit for your interests.

Funko Pop Releases Monopoly Man

Tips for Securing Limited Edition Funko Pops Releases

  1. Stay updated on upcoming releases by following reliable social media accounts and joining online communities dedicated to Funko Pops.
  2. Set up notifications for your preferred retailers, so you’re alerted as soon as a new release is announced.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the release patterns of different retailers, as some may have specific days or times when they launch new products.
  4. Create a tracking system or calendar to keep track of anticipated release dates and times, so you’re prepared when the day comes.
  5. Be prepared to act quickly, as limited edition Funko Pops can sell out within minutes of being released. Have your payment and shipping information ready to speed up the checkout process.

How to Predict Funko Pop Releases Through Historical Patterns?

  1. Analyze historical release data to identify trends, such as release days of the week, frequency, and specific times of the day.
  2. Keep track of past limited edition or exclusive releases and the circumstances surrounding them, such as related events, anniversaries, or collaborations.
  3. Monitor social media accounts, online communities, and forums to gather insights on how past releases were handled, as well as to learn about potential leaks or rumors.
  4. Take note of any seasonal patterns, as some Funko Pops may be released in conjunction with holidays or special occasions.
  5. Compile your findings in a tracking system or calendar to visually identify patterns and make informed predictions for future Funko Pop releases.

Track Funko Releases Using Google Sheets

Keeping track of multiple Funko Pop release dates can be challenging, but creating a simple Google sheet while monitoring social media for potential releases can help. Include columns such as ‘Retailer Name,’ ‘Potential Date,’ ‘Potential Time,’ ‘Source,’ and ‘URL.’

These data points will enable you to stay on top of Funko Pop releases. As a release approaches, you can click the URL in your Excel sheet for quick access. Additionally, you can document the ‘source’ from which you obtained the information.

For instance, if you come across a renowned influencer on Twitter sharing a product placeholder link, you can directly copy and paste it into your Google sheet.

With this approach, when you receive a notification about a live release, you won’t need to waste time searching; instead, you can quickly click the link and secure your desired Funko Pop ahead of others.

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