The Complete Stranger Things Funko Pop List

stranger things funko pop list season 4 funko set

Listen up, kids! The Stranger Things Funko Pop list is where it’s at, and we’re keeping it fresh with updates every season.

So, grab a seat, crack open a cold one and maybe some Eggos!, and get ready for some seriously righteous fun.

This show is a total powerhouse, man. The Stranger Things gang has got the hearts of millions of fans, and it’s no surprise that Funko’s jumped on the bandwagon with their Pop figures.

I’m telling you, these things are freakin’ hot! They even have Funko Stranger Things Mystery Minis!

With the Stranger Things craze taking over the world, Funko’s been pumping out some seriously killer Pops. They even have

So, if you’re looking to add some major cool to your collection, you better keep an eye on this list, ’cause we’re gonna rock your world.

Editors Choice – Steve (with Sunglasses)

All right, dudes and dudettes! It’s time to get ready for some serious butt-kicking action, ’cause the one and only soccer mom slash babysitter is here to save the day!

That’s right, I’m talkin’ ’bout Steve, the dude with the hair that’ll make you swoon and the style that’ll knock your socks off.

With his gloves and shades, Steve’s ready to take on any challenge and protect his little ones, no matter what.

He’s the ultimate dude, man, and the Stranger Things Funko Pop is the ultimate way to show your love for this righteous character.

So, if you’re a real fan of Stranger Things, you better get your hands on this Steve Pop figure, ’cause it’s gonna be a wild ride, and Steve’s gonna lead the way!

Fan Favorite – Eleven with Eggos

Yo, dudes and dudettes, remember the raddest little telekinetic around?

The one and only Eleven, rockin’ that pink dress and killer 80s jacket? Well, check her out in all her glory with her trusty box of Eggos.

I mean, come on, who wouldn’t deserve a sweet snack after all that butt-kicking action?

This Stranger Things Pop captures the magic of Eleven’s iconic look, complete with a dirtied-up face and a bloody nose, showing the world just how tough she really is.

But wait, there’s more! The sought-after Eleven Chase has her switchin’ up her style with a blonde wig, showing her softer side for the first time.

So, if you’re a fan of Stranger Things and Eleven’s awesomeness, you better get your hands on these Pop figures, ’cause they’re gonna be the cherry on top of your collection, man!

Dustin Camp Know Where (Vest)

Hey there, dudes and dudettes, have you met the coolest little warrior around?

I’m talking ’bout Dustin, the fuzzy-haired hero who’s ready to take on anything the Upside Down can throw his way.

This dude’s got style, with his cute outfit and matching Camp Know Where hat, and he’s got the goods, with his trusty hammer thingamajig in hand.

I mean, have you ever met a more capable group of kiddos? Probably not.

These kids are taking on the world and they’re not afraid to do it in style. And Dustin’s leading the way, ready to battle any unsightly demon that comes his way.

So, if you’re a fan of Stranger Things and its awesome cast of characters, you better get your hands on this Dustin Pop figure, ’cause it’s gonna be a wild ride, and Dustin’s gonna be there every step of the way.

Battle Eleven

Yo, dudes and dudettes, are you ready to see Eleven kick some serious demon behind? This girl is dressed to kill, dressed to the nines, Eleven in nines, am I right? Ha!

Watching her fully unleash her telekinetic powers and become the badass she was always meant to be is one of the most rad things about the Stranger Things saga.

And check it out, this Stranger Things Funko Pop captures all of Eleven’s awesomeness, with her signature bloody nose showing the world that she’s not messin’ around.

She’s protectin’ her loved ones and nothin’ is gonna stand in her way. Well, maybe that blindfold, but you know what I mean.

So, if you’re a fan of Eleven and all her kickassery, you better get your hands on this Stranger Things Funko Pop, ’cause it’s gonna be a wild ride, and Eleven’s gonna be leading the charge every step of the way.”


Alright, all you Stranger Things fans, listen up! The raddest new addition to the gang is here, and she’s got sass and style for days.

I’m talkin’ ’bout Erica, the little sister who stole our hearts with her quick wit and hilarious antics.

And now, she’s got her own Funko Pop, ready for all her loyal fans to take home and display.

Armed with a helmet and headlamps, this little lady is ready to join the gang and get in on all the fun. And just look at that outfit! It’s a sweet mix of colors that really pops.

So, if you’re a fan of Erica and all her awesomeness, you better get your hands on this Stranger Things Funko Pop.

It’s gonna be a wild ride, and Erica’s gonna be there every step of the way, bringing the sass and the style.


Hold up, all you Stranger Things fans, we got one cool cat here, and he’s ready to rock. I’m talkin’ ’bout Lucas, the dude with the signature camo headband and sweet jacket with Kanji characters.

This guy’s got attitude for days, standin’ there with his hand on his hip, ready to take on the world.

And let me tell you, if you’re a fan of Lucas, then this Funko Pop is a must-have for your collection.

In Season One, he didn’t get a lot of love, but in Season Two, this dude really stepped up his game.

We got to see a whole new side of him, and now, we can’t help but adore him.

So, if you want to add some cool to your collection, get your hands on this Lucas Stranger Things Funko Pop.

He’s the real deal, and he’s ready to rock.

Max Mall Outfit

Maxine “Mad Max” arrived on the scene, bringing the heat with her gnarly skateboard and rad 80s style.

The peeps were skeptical at first, but this shredder quickly became a fan favorite.

Lucas knew what was up, adding another gnarly chick to the Stranger Things squad.

This Maxine Funko Pop captures all the cool vibes, with her sick freckles and sunnies, ready to shred the streets and take on any demon that comes her way.

It’s a must-have for any true fan of the Stranger Things universe.

Will the Wise

Yo, Will the Wise is ready to unleash his nerdy magic and take down any demons in his way.

Rockin’ his purple robes with stars and holdin’ his staff high, this dude is straight-up bad-ass.

This Stranger Things Funko Pop is a must-have for any true fan of the ultimate dungeon master.

Dustin at Camp

Dustin’s rockin’ the Camp Know Where gear, dude! With his bad-ass hat and rad tee, he’s ready to take on summertime adventures.

And we’re all hyped to see what wild stunts he’ll pull without his buds by his side.

I mean, what’s the deal with that name anyway? It’s got us thinkin’, man!

Steve with Ahoy Hat and Ice Cream

This Pop’s for all the Steve-heads who dig his vintage sailor suit, man. Ya know, he’s rockin’ it for the cash, but that’s alright.

Babysittin’ don’t pay the bills, ya dig? So, what’s the word, bro? Gonna be a malt or a sundae?

That apron and hankie, they tie the whole look together, man. Ain’t that the truth?

Eleven Mall Outfit

Eleven’s got the look, man! With style that screams 80s, she’s rockin’ an outfit that’s taken the world by storm.

The chick is simply rad and her threads are the talk of the town.

Get ready to see a bunch of Eleven’s biggest fans layin’ down the law in her killer getup.

Hopper (Date Night)

Hopper’s got his A-game on, rollin’ with style straight outta Miami Vice.

This daddy’s ready to show a fine lady a good time, spillin’ the wild tales of his fatherly escapades.

But, she’ll probably just chalk it up to tall tales, right?

With Season Three bringing the heat, let’s hope Eleven don’t cramp Hop’s style. Ha! Good luck with that, cuz we all know she’ll stir the pot.

Mike (Snowball Dance)

Rock on, Mike! You’re lookin’ sharp, dude! This Stranger Things Funko Pop is totally rad with its 80s flair.

You might not know what’s comin’ your way, but you’re lookin’ fine and ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way!

Eleven, beware! With those freckles on your pale skin and that suit straight outta the 80s, you’re gonna turn some heads, man!

Steve VS Demodog

Yo, when the Demodogs first rolled in, we were like “Whaaaat?” Shocked, dude! But Steve, he was all, “Bring it on, man. My trusty bat loaded with nails’s got this.”

These Demodogs, they can be deceiving, man. Look all cute and stuff, like they’re just waiting for a belly rub. But then BAM! They unleash their wickedness.

Dustin’s like “Hold up, I got this,” but seriously, don’t get too close.

These creatures are dangerous.

Eleven and Demogorgon

Yo man, Eleven’s showdown with the Demogorgon is straight-up epic, dude!

This Stranger Things Pop! captures the gnarly moment with some seriously sick detail, like, it’s so gnarly it’s almost beautiful, bro!


For all ye metalheads and horror freaks, the Demogorgon Funko Pop has arrived to claim its throne on your shelf of doom!

With its gnarly muscles and razor-sharp claws reaching out, you can’t help but gaze into its endless maw of jagged teeth.

This Pop captures the terror of the monster in all its horrific glory.

Sherrif Hopper

Sherrif Hopper Funko Pop
Sherrif Hopper Funko Pop

Yo, Hopper’s got the cop look down to a tee! That fedora and Stars ‘n’ Stripes jacket scream ‘tough guy’, and he’s ready to lay down the law.

Flashlight’s blazin’ and he’s got a face like stone, what he uncovers is gonna blow his mind.

This Sheriff’s a straight-up stud!

Dustin (Hockey Gear)

Dustin (Hockey Gear) Funko Pop
Dustin (Hockey Gear) Funko Pop

Yo Dustin is that you? Damn near can’t even tell if that really is our curly-haired friend. The details on this pop are just… otherworldly! – HA. 

Eleven (Burger T-Shirt)

Eleven (Burger T-Shirt) Funko Pop
Eleven (Burger T-Shirt) Funko Pop

Eleven + Burger + Ice Cream = Bliss! When she isn’t out fighting otherworldly demons or feasting on eggos, this is how we’d like to see her enjoying life!

Eleven (Snowball Dance) Funko Pop

Eleven (Snowball Dance) Funko Pop
Eleven (Snowball Dance) Funko Pop

Eleven in her Snowball Dance get-up! She is totally ready to get swept off her feet by Mike. Not a baldy anymore with a lush head of hair for a change!

Robin (Ice Cream Parlor)

Robin (Ice Cream Parlor) Funko Pop
Robin (Ice Cream Parlor) Funko Pop

Another Badass Chick enters the fold! Always appreciate getting more female representation in the Stranger Things Universe.

Robin is first introduced at the ice cream parlor where she works together with another fan favorite Steve.

Get these quick, they won’t be around for long…

Steve (With Bandana)

Steve (With Bandana) Funko Pop
Steve (With Bandana) Funko Pop

Here we have Steve again, though this time he looks like some kind of graffiti artist or hooligan! 

This is a Hot Topic Exclusive! Get it here before stocks run out…

Hopper (With Vines)

Hopper (With Vines) Funko Pop
Hopper (With Vines) Funko Pop

Here’s a veiny Hopper for all you fans!

He is ready to cut s#it up and save the world.

He looks a little derelict in the process but it’s all good. He is still our hero!

Get it quick! They only have a few left and it’s currently on sale at 27% off!

Billy at Halloween

Billy at Halloween Funko Pop
Billy at Halloween Funko Pop

Billy, Billy, Billy! The guy we all love to hate! I kinda dig his vibe though… 80s Glamrock in full effect.

The epitome of a jerk and Darce Montgomery definitely pulls it off with zero effort.

The mullet and mustache combo is a resounding YES from us here at!

Get it quick! They only have a few left and it’s currently on sale at 6% off!

Eleven (Elevated)

Eleven (Elevated) Funko Pop
Eleven (Elevated) Funko Pop

Eleven Elevated! Hells yeah! One of the more unique releases and definitely a must-have in any Stranger Things collection.

Suspended midair and looking absolutely badass!

Get it quick before they run out!

Dustin (Snowball Dance)

Dustin (Snowball Dance) Funko Pop

Permy curly fro? CHECK! Dustin looking all dappered up with this release, which was a summer convention limited edition to boot!

Get them here real quick before they run out!

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Complete Stranger Things Funko Pop List

421 Eleven w/ Eggos
421 Eleven w/ Eggos Chase
422 Eleven Underwater – Hot Topic
423 Mike
424 Dustin
424 Dustin Brown Jacket – B&N
425 Lucas
426 Will
427 Barb
428 Demogorgon
428 Demogorgon Gold – 2019 SDCC
428 Demogorgon Closed Chase
428 Demogorgon GITD – 2022 SDCC
436 Joyce
437 Upside Down Will – ThinkGeek
475 Steve – 2017 SDCC
476 Mr. Clarke – 2017 SDCC
511 Eleven (Hospital Gown)
512 Hopper
512 Hopper Chase
512 Gold Hopper – 2018 SDCC Fundays
513 Jonathan
514 Nancy
515 Brenner
523 Eleven (w/ Electrodes) – 2017 NYCC
525 Hopper (Biohazard Suit) – Hot Topic
526 Joyce (Biohazard Suit) – Target
545 Eleven
546 Ghostbuster Mike
547 Ghostbuster Will
548 Ghostbuster Lucas
549 Ghostbuster Dustin
550 Joyce
551 Max
552 Max (Costume) – Hot Topic
572 Eleven Punk – BoxLunch
593 Dustin & Dart – Hot Topic
601 Dart
601 Dart Closed Chase
602 Demogorgon – 6″
617 Dustin (Snowball Dance) – 2018 SDCC
637 Eleven elevated
638 Steve w/ sunglasses
639 Bob in scrubs
640 Billy
641 Hopper in vines
642 Steve w/ bandana – Hot Topic
643 Vampire Bob – GameStop
674 Robin – 2018 SDCC Fundays
675 Steve – 2018 SDCC Fundays
717 Eleven (Snowball Dance)
718 Eleven (Burger T-Shirt)
719 Dustin (Hockey Gear) – Hot Topic
720 Hopper
722 Demogorgon 10″ – Target
727 Eleven & Demogorgon
728 Steve & Demodog
729 Mike (Snowball Dance)
801 Hopper
802 Eleven
803 Steve Ahoy
804 Dustin
804 Dustin in T-shirt – Walmart
805 Will the Wise
805 Will the Wise GITD – Target
806 Max
807 Lucas
808 Erica
826 Battle Eleven
827 Eleven in Jacket – Hot Topic
828 Dustin – GameStop
829 Steve w/ Ice Cream – Baskin-Robbins
843 Eleven
844 Flayed Billy
845 Joyce
846 Mike
847 Eleven with bear – Target
854 Eleven in yellow outfit – Amazon
881 Suzie – 2019 NYCC
903 Monster 6″
922 Robin Ahoy with Board
923 Alexei with Icee
1185 Byers House Eleven – Amazon
1186 Byers House Demogorgon – Amazon
1187 Byers House Will – Amazon
1188 Byers House Hopper – Amazon

Season 4
1238 Eleven
1239 Mike
1240 Dustin
1241 Lucas
1242 Will
1243 Max
1244 Robin
1245 Steve
1246 Lucas Basketball – Walmart
1247 Dustin – Hot Topic
1248 Eleven – Amazon
1249 Dustin – GameStop
1250 Eddie – Target
1251 Eleven Rainbow Room – Target
1253 Hopper – Funko
1254 Joyce – Funko

Season 4 TBA
Erica Sinclair
Mike Wheeler California
Robin Buckley as Hunter
Eleven with Diorama
Steve Harrington as Hunter

Black Light
428 Demogorgon Black Light – Target
802 Eleven Black Light – Target
828 Dustin Black Light – Target

Combo Packs
Vecna 2-Pack – 2022 NYCC
Nancy & Robin 2-Pack – Target
Robin / Steve / Vecna 3-Pack – Walmart
The Duffer Brothers B&W Upside Down – Target
The Duffer Brothers – Hot Topic
Billy & Karen Wheeler – 2018 SDCC
Eleven with Eggos and Mike – FYE
Upside Down Eleven, Barb – 2017 ECCC


Argyle with Surfer Boy Pizza Truck – Target

Pop! 8-Bit

16 Eleven w/ Eggos – Target
17 Mike – Target
18 Dustin – Target
19 Lucas – Target
20 Demogorgon – Target
20 Demogorgon Closed Chase – Target
28 Barb – 2018 ECCC
29 Will – Target
29 Will Upside Down Chase – Target
5-Pack Arcade Box – Target
4-Pack – Target


SE Freddy Funko Dustin – 2018 SDCC Fundays
SE Freddy Funko Steve – 2018 SDCC Fundays
SE Freddy Funko Steve w/ bat – 2018 SDCC Fundays
SE Freddy Funko Will – 2018 SDCC Fundays

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