Snape Spells Pop! Character Bundled with Harry Potter Mini Chibi + Severus Display pin Fig + House Stickers + Charms Book + Mini Figure Blind Bag 5-Items


Set on A Journey to Hogwarts unleash your inner spirit with the Wizard pack for Spells Collectibles Bundle 5 items
Harry Potter Mini 3D Foam CHibi Magnet Classic + 1 Nano Metal Mini Figure Blind Bag your favorite heroes and villains from the Harry Potter Universe
Funko Severus Snape Funko Limited Edition – Pop! big Pin Harry Potter character design
SPELLS & CHARMS: A Movie Scrapbook – e detailed in this fascinating, behind the scenes guide. Profiles of each spell include illustrations
Stickers – Wizards Stick together! Which Hogwarts house are you? A brave Gryffindor like Harry? A cunning Slytherin like Draco? A loyal Hufflepuff like Cedric? Or a creative Ravenclaw like Luna? Mini 5-Pack