Breaking Bad Funko Pop Crystal Heisenberg

The Breaking Bad Funko Pop Crystal Heisenberg figure is based on actor Bryan Cranston’s portrayal of the character in the series. This is the exclusive SDCC 2015 release!

Breaking Bad Funko Pop Crystal Heisenberg

Breaking Bad Funko Pop Crystal Heisenberg Vinyl Figure

Listen up, let me tell you about the Heisenberg Funko Pop figure. It’s part of the Funko Pop! Television line, a collection of figurines featuring some of the most recognizable characters from popular television shows.

The Heisenberg figure, it’s a work of art, made of vinyl, standing tall at 3.75 inches. It’s a perfect representation of the character, capturing the essence of Heisenberg, from the signature black pork pie hat down to the glasses.

This figure is a must-have for any collector, a symbol of excellence and attention to detail.

This ultra-rare Pop was released during the 2015 SDCC – get it while you still can! You can also get the SDCC 2014 Bloody Jesse POP here!

Why Are Breaking Bad Funko Pops So Expensive?

Breaking Bad Funko Pops are so expensive because they are exclusive collectibles that appeal to fans of the show, and their rarity only adds to their appeal.

The question of why Breaking Bad Funko Pops are so expensive is not a matter of opinion, it’s simple economics. Supply and demand, my dear friend.

The show has a massive following, with fans clamoring for anything related to the iconic characters and gripping storyline.

Funko Pops are just one of many collectibles that fans have become obsessed with.

But it’s not just the popularity of the show that drives up the price of these figurines.

It’s the attention to detail that Funko puts into each and every figure. From the design to the packaging, every element is carefully crafted to capture the essence of the characters.

And with limited edition variants and exclusives, the rarity of certain figures only adds to their value.

But let’s be clear, these collectibles are not for the faint of heart. The prices can be exorbitant, with some figures selling for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

However, for true fans and collectors, the investment is worth it. Owning a piece of Breaking Bad history, in the form of a Funko Pop, is a way to show your devotion to the show and its unforgettable characters.

So, in conclusion, the reason why Breaking Bad Funko Pops are so expensive is simply due to the principles of economics and the high demand for quality collectibles.

It’s a reflection of the show’s enduring legacy and a testament to the passion of its fans.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad Funko Pop Logo Heisenberg

Breaking Bad is a critically acclaimed television drama series that aired on AMC from 2008 to 2013.

You’re lookin’ at the story of a man named Walter White. A high school chemistry teacher, leading a simple life, until fate dealt him a hand that would change everything.

A terminal lung cancer diagnosis, a ticking clock, and a desperate need to secure his family’s future. And so, he took a chance, he took a step into the criminal underworld.

Breaking Bad, it’s a story like no other. Created by the one and only Vince Gilligan, it’s a journey through the trials and tribulations of a man who transforms from a struggling high school teacher into a ruthless criminal mastermind, the one and only Heisenberg.

This television drama aired on AMC from 2008 to 2013, and during that time it captured the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere.

And it wasn’t just the story of Walter White, oh no. There was Jesse Pinkman, a former student turned partner in the meth business.

Together, they navigated the dangerous and unpredictable world of meth production and distribution, facing moral dilemmas and the consequences of their actions.

Breaking Bad, it’s more than just a show. It’s a cultural phenomenon, a masterpiece, a defining moment in television history.

Awards, accolades, it’s got them all. And it’s inspired spin-offs, adaptations, and homages in other media. This, my friends, is the legacy of Breaking Bad.


Breaking Bad Funko Pop Heisenberg Say My Name
Say it!

The man known as Heisenberg is, in reality, none other than Walter White. He was once a simple high school chemistry teacher, but fate dealt him a devastating blow in the form of a terminal cancer diagnosis. Determined to provide for his family, White entered the dangerous and merciless world of methamphetamine production and distribution.

And so, Heisenberg was born. Under this alias, White wielded his intelligence and cunning to rise through the ranks of the criminal underworld, becoming a ruthless and successful drug kingpin. Despite his many flaws, Heisenberg’s complexity and charismatic nature have made him a lasting and unforgettable character in the annals of television history.

In his journey as Heisenberg, Walter proves to be a master of disguise, successfully hiding his true identity from those around him, even those closest to him. His intelligence and cunning are unmatched, allowing him to stay ahead of law enforcement and his competitors in the drug world.

As Heisenberg, Walter rises to become one of the most powerful and feared figures in the drug world, and he commands a vast empire of methamphetamine production and distribution. He is known for his blue meth, which is considered the purest and highest quality on the market.

However, despite his many successes, Walter is constantly haunted by the consequences of his actions, and he is faced with the reality of the destructive impact that his criminal empire has on his family, his relationships, and himself.

The story of Walter White and his journey as Heisenberg is one of the most captivating and thrilling tales in modern television, and it continues to captivate audiences to this day.

Heisenberg Facts

Breaking Bad Funko Pop Heisenberg
Knock Knock
  • Walter White is portrayed by actor Bryan Cranston.
  • Heisenberg is the name Walter takes on when he begins cooking and selling methamphetamine in order to secure his family’s financial future after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.
  • Walter is a high school chemistry teacher who initially starts cooking meth as a way to pay for his medical treatment and provide for his family after his death. However, he becomes increasingly drawn into the criminal world and becomes more ruthless and power-hungry as the series progresses.
  • Heisenberg becomes a major player in the methamphetamine trade in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and is known for the high quality of his product, which he calls “Blue Sky.”
  • Walter’s transformation into Heisenberg causes strain in his relationships with his family, particularly his wife Skyler and his son Walter Jr., and leads to conflicts with other characters, including his former business partner and his DEA agent brother-in-law.
  • Heisenberg is a complex and multifaceted character, and the series explores the motivations and consequences of his actions as he navigates the dangers of the drug trade.

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