How to Store Funko Pop Boxes

How to Store Funko Pop Boxes Bill Nye

Keeping your Funko Pop boxes in good shape can increase their value for resale and make your collection more pleasing to look at. Storing your boxes properly is key, so let’s look at some easy ways on how to store Funko Pop boxes the right way to ensure that your prized possessions remain in tip-top shape for years to come.

  1. Flatten Your Boxes

A top tip for Funko Pop box storage is to flatten them. This lowers the chance of them getting damaged with creases, dents, or squashed edges. To do this, open the top and bottom flaps, remove the plastic insert, and gently push until the box is flat. Handle your boxes lightly to avoid damage.

  1. Store Boxes in a Safe Place

After flattening your boxes, stack them in a place that’s clean, dry, and safe from sunlight, dampness, and extreme temperatures. A closet, cupboard, or under-bed storage container can make great storage spaces.

  1. Use Safe Storage Materials

To store Funko Pop boxes safely, use acid-free and archival-grade materials. This prevents harmful chemical reactions that can damage the boxes. Acid-free tissue paper or plastic sheets placed between each flat box can prevent scratches. Acid-free containers can add more protection.

  1. Use Protective Cases

If you’d rather keep your Funko Pop boxes in their original shape, try using Pop Protectors or clear plastic cases. These fit Funko Pop boxes perfectly and protect against dust and damage. Choose high-quality, acid-free protectors for long-lasting protection.

  1. Avoid Sunlight and Heat

Sunlight and heat can cause your Funko Pop boxes to fade, warp, or discolor. Store them in a cool, dark place away from heat sources like radiators and electronics. This keeps your boxes looking fresh for longer.

  1. Rotate Your Collection

Regularly rotating your collection can prevent damage or wear to certain boxes. This could mean swapping out displayed figures, changing your storage setup, or just checking over your boxes for damage. Regular rotation keeps your collection looking good and helps you stay on top of any potential issues.

  1. Keep Track of Your Collection

A list of your Funko Pop figures and their boxes can help you stay organized. You can use a spreadsheet, app, or notebook to keep track. This can help you keep an eye on their condition and find specific boxes more easily.

  1. Keep Everything Clean

Always handle your Funko Pop boxes with clean hands in a clean workspace. Oils and dirt can damage the boxes over time. Make sure to clean your hands and your workspace before handling your boxes.

  1. Invest in Quality Storage Solutions

If you have a big collection, good quality shelves or storage solutions can keep your boxes safe and make it easier to organize your figures. Choose strong shelves that can hold your collection’s weight and keep boxes safe from sunlight, dampness, and heat. Adjustable shelves can accommodate different box sizes and create an attractive display.

  1. Monitor Your Environment

Changes in temperature and humidity can damage your Funko Pop boxes. High humidity can warp boxes or cause discoloration, while extreme temperature changes can lead to fading or cracking. Use a hygrometer to keep an eye on humidity levels, and consider using a dehumidifier or air conditioner to keep your environment stable.

By following these steps, you can make sure your Funko Pop boxes stay in great shape for years. Take care of your boxes, protect them from the elements, and invest in high-quality storage solutions.

With a bit of time and care, your Funko Pop collection can continue to bring joy to you and other collectors.

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