What is a Flocked Funko Pop? 

A flocked Funko Pop is a variant of the standard Funko Pop vinyl toy. It is covered in a layer of soft, fluffy, suede-like material that gives it a unique texture and look.

This material, known as “flocking,” is often used to create the appearance of fur or hair on a figurine.

What is a flocked funko pop angry cat and squirtle

How Are Flocked Funko Pops Made?

A flocked Pop is made by applying a layer of soft, fluffy material, known as “flocking,” to a standard vinyl toy.

The process of creating a flocked Funko involves several steps:

  • The standard vinyl figurine is prepped by cleaning and priming it.
  • An adhesive is applied to the surface of the toy using a spray gun or a brush.
  • The figurine is then dipped into a container of flocking fibers. The fibers adhere to the adhesive, creating a furry or hairy texture on the toy.
  • Once the flocking is complete, the figurine is then painted and finished to give it its final look.
  • The flocked Funko Pop is then inspected for quality assurance before being packaged and shipped to retailers or collectors.

The process of flocking is not only used for creating a furry or hairy texture but also for creating different colors and patterns on the surface of a figure.

This technique allows for a lot of creative possibilities and makes the figures look more realistic.

Flocked Funko Pops are highly sought-after by collectors because of their unique appearance. They are considered rare and can often fetch a higher price than standard Pops.

However, the process of flocking is not limited to Funko Pops, it is a technique that can be applied to other vinyl figures as well.

Where To Buy Flocked Funko Pops?

Flocked Pops can be purchased from a variety of retailers, including:

  • Funko’s official website: You can purchase flocked Funkos directly from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Online marketplaces: Flocked Funko Pops can also be found on online marketplaces such as Amazon.
  • Specialty toy and collectible stores: You can also find flocked versions in specialty toy and collectible stores such as Entertainment Earth.
  • Conventions and Pop-up shops: Some flocked Pops are exclusive and can only be found in conventions and Pop-up shops.
  • Social media platforms: Some sellers also sell flocked Funkos on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

It is important to note that flocked Funko Pops are considered rare and can often fetch a higher price than standard Pops, also, be aware of potential scams when buying online, and always make sure to purchase from reputable stores.

Why Are Flocked Funko Pops Expensive?

Flocked Funko Pop Scar

Flocked Funko Pops are expensive because:

  • Flocked Funko Pops are more expensive because of the added process and materials used to make them look fluffy and realistic.
  • They are uncommon, with fewer releases of this version compared to standard Funko Pops.
  • Flocked Pops are often exclusives and can only be found through specific retailers such as Amazon.
  • Some flocked Funko Pops are also highly sought-after Chase variants, adding to their value and exclusivity.

Are Flocked Funko Pops Rare?

The answer is a resounding yes! But the rarity of these figures is just the beginning of what makes them so special.

When you first lay eyes on a flocked Funko Pop, you’ll be struck by the unique and realistic texture of the figure.

The “fur” like coating adds an extra layer of realism that sets it apart from regular Funko Pops.

Think of flocked Funko Pops as a variant similar to glow-in-the-dark or metallic Funko Pops.

These special editions are highly sought-after by collectors and can make a striking addition to any collection.

Flocked Funko Pops in Numbers

Uncover the world of Flocked Funko Pops! With 148 figures currently on the complete Flocked List, the value of these unique collectibles is estimated at a whopping $13599.

And the best part? The value of these figures is only increasing, with an average monthly gain of 18%.

Get ready to be amazed by the Most Expensive Flocked Funko Pop – the 04 Sulley (Flocked) (SDCC 2011) – valued at an estimated $3000. But don’t let that scare you off – there are also affordable options like the 1003 Ongis (Flocked) with a current estimated value of just $5.

For those looking for the ultimate challenge, the Rarest Flocked Funko Pop is the 04 Gizmo (Flocked) (LE480), with a limited print run of only 480 figures.

Start your collection today and join the hunt for the rarest Flocked Funko Pops!

Are flocked Funko Pops worth more?

Flocked Funko Pops can be worth more than their non-flocked counterparts, but it ultimately depends on the specific Pop and its rarity.

Flocked Pops are typically more limited in production than their regular versions, so they can be more sought after by collectors.

Additionally, the soft, fuzzy texture of the flocking can make them more visually appealing to some fans.

However, it’s important to note that not all flocked Pops are valuable, and some may even be worth less than their non-flocked counterparts if they were produced in large quantities or aren’t particularly popular with collectors.

As with any collectible item, the value of a flocked Funko Pop will ultimately depend on a variety of factors, including its rarity, popularity, and condition.

If you’re interested in buying or selling flocked Pops, it’s a good idea to do some research on the specific Pop and its value in the current market.

A good place to start would be to check out our Funko Blog!

Do Flocked Funko Pops Increase In Value?

Flocked Funko Pops are a rare and highly sought-after collectible that can increase in value over time.

Unlike regular Funko Pops, flocked versions are harder to find and can be challenging to get your hands on.

But when you do, it’s worth holding onto them for the long term.

We’ve seen flocked pops go from their average price of $10-$12 to $30-$45, depending on the figure.

This means that if you’re lucky enough to find one, you can potentially sell it for a profit in the future.

This is a unique characteristic of flocked Funko Pops and not just a sticker.

Vaulted Funko Pops, which are out-of-production figures, also increase in value over time.

For more on vaulted Funko Pops, you can check out our article What Is A Vaulted Funko Pop?

How to Take Care of Flocked Funko Pops

Flocked Funko Pops require a bit more care than standard vinyl figures due to the fluffy material (flocking) on their surface.

If you want to keep your flocked Pops in tip-top condition, you need to take special care to protect them from dust and stains. 

The best way to do this is by keeping them in their original packaging, but if you want to display them, there is an easy solution. 

A Tide Pen is the secret weapon for keeping your flocked Funko looking like new.

Using hydrogen peroxide safely removes stains without damaging the flocking material. 

It doesn’t require water to activate, making it a gentle and effective solution. And if you want to remove dust, a compressed air can is a quick and easy way to make your flocked Pops shine.

Here are some tips on how to take care of your flocked Funko Pops:

  • Keep them away from dust and direct sunlight: The flocking fibers can attract dust and sunlight can cause fading or discoloration.
  • Do not use water or cleaning solutions: Water and cleaning solutions can damage the flocking fibers, so it’s best to avoid using them.
  • Do not bend or apply pressure to the flocked areas: The flocking fibers can be easily damaged by bending or applying pressure.
  • Keep them in a display case: If possible, keep your flocked Funko Pops in a display case to protect them from dust and sunlight.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to keep your flocked Funko Pops in good condition for years to come.

Flocked Funko Pop Smokey
  1. Flocked Chewbacca from Star Wars
  2. Flocked Simba from The Lion King
  3. Flocked Stitch from Lilo & Stitch
  4. Flocked Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh
  5. Flocked Sonic the Hedgehog
  6. Flocked Pikachu from Pokemon

Funko Pops are known for their cute, cartoonish designs and their ability to capture the likeness of various characters from movies, TV shows, and other pop culture franchises.

But with the addition of flocking, Funko Pops have become even more realistic and unique. 

So, if you’re a collector or a fan of Funko Pops, be sure to keep an eye out for flocked versions of your favorite characters.

They’re sure to be a valuable addition to any collection.

Flocked Funko Pop List

106Slush Puppie FlockedAdvertising
96Woodsy Owl FlockedAdvertising
75Smokey Bear with Shovel FlockedAdvertising
73Energizer Bunny FlockedAdvertising
58Coca-Cola Polar Bear FlockedAdvertising
30Flocked JollibeeAdvertising
12Flocked GeoffreyAdvertising
10Flocked Trix RabbitAdvertising
8Flocked Tony the TigerAdvertising
5Bullseye FlockedAdvertising
Daggett and Norbert FlockedAnimated
Flocked Tom – JerryAnimated
1147Hawks FlockedAnimated
1018Chococat FlockedAnimated
943Eduardo FlockedAnimated
938Kirara FlockedAnimated
928Brown FlockedAnimated
875Inosuke Hashibira Flocked ChaseAnimated
875Inosuke Hashibira FlockedAnimated
811Champa FlockedAnimated
643Appa Flocked 6 InchAnimated
514Beerus FlockedAnimated
355Good Luck Bear FlockedAnimated
353Grumpy Bear FlockedAnimated
351Cheer Bear FlockedAnimated
307Flocked Bugs BunnyAnimated
278Flocked SneezlyAnimated
277Flocked BreezlyAnimated
263Flocked GossamerAnimated
221Flocked CatdogAnimated
213Flocked LionAnimated
178Flocked SnowballAnimated
168Flocked SnagglepussAnimated
149Flocked Scooby DooAnimated
149Flocked Doo Good Scooby DooAnimated
149Flocked Blue Scooby DooAnimated
149Flocked Lime Scooby DooAnimated
149Flocked Purple Scooby DooAnimated
149Flocked Magenta Scooby DooAnimated
99Flocked Tony Tony ChopperAnimated
84Ein FlockedAnimated
736 Inch Kurama FlockedAnimated
69Happy FlockedAnimated
63Flocked Ricochet RabbitAnimated
59Flocked Snoopy and WoodstockAnimated
49Snoopy and Woodstock FlockedAnimated
39Flocked MuttleyAnimated
14Flocked Grinch with Roast BeastBooks
13Flocked MaxBooks
12Flocked GrinchBooks
26Flocked FwoooperFantastic Beasts
8Flocked NifflerFantastic Beasts
86Zombie Alpaca FlockedFunko
19Flocked GhostGame of Thrones
854Knuckles FlockedGames
632Classic Sonic FlockedGames
598Pikachu FlockedGames
597Growlithe FlockedGames
581Mewtwo FlockedGames
580Vulpix FlockedGames
579Pichu FlockedGames
577Eevee FlockedGames
553Pikachu Waving FlockedGames
504Squirtle FlockedGames
504Squirtle FlockedGames
455Charmander FlockedGames
453Bulbasaur FlockedGames
430Cuddle Team Leader FlockedGames
353Pikachu FlockedGames
273Flocked CrashGames
129Flocked Funtime FreddyGames
110Flocked SpringtrapGames
106Flocked FreddyGames
76Flocked DogmeatGames
104Buckbeak FlockedHarry Potter
84Fawkes FlockedHarry Potter
76Flocked HedwigHarry Potter
73Flocked Sirius Black as a DogHarry Potter
Gold Medal FlockedHello Kitty
36Hello Kitty Gold Metal FlockedHello Kitty
28Hello Kitty Classic FlockedHello Kitty
28Hello Kitty Classic FlockedHello Kitty
12Flocked Bunny Suit RalphieHoliday
14Krampus FlockedHoliday
14Krampus Snow FlockedHoliday
60Grumpy Cat With FlockedIcon Series
3Flocked AjaniMagic the Gathering
643Beast FlockedMarvel
504Iceman FlockedMarvel
426Flocked Goose the CatMarvel
328Flocked Panda PoolMarvel
257Flocked LockjawMarvel
48Flocked Rocket RaccoonMarvel
48Flocked Ravagers Rocket RaccoonMarvel
21Beast FlockedMarvel
21Flocked BeastMarvel
Flocked Winter SeriesMonsters
1Gizmo FlockedMovie Posters
1092Taz FlockedMovies
1046Phil with Punxsutawney Phil FlockedMovies
11Flocked LoraxBooks
7Flocked Fox in SocksBooks
6Flocked Sams FriendBooks
5Flocked Sam I AmBooks
4Flocked Cat in the HatBooks
3Harry the Husky FlockedCollege Mascots
20Garfield FlockedComics
16Ghus Flocked with PajamasComics
82Flocked Swamp ThingDC
82Flocked Smell Swamp ThingDC
Chip and Dale FlockedDisney
1213Sox FlockedDisney
1185Red Panda Mei FlockedDisney
1156Sulley FlockedDisney
1105Pirates of The Caribbean Dog FlockedDisney
1008Winnie the Pooh Valentines FlockedDisney
551Rafiki FlockedDisney
549Timon FlockedDisney
548Scar FlockedDisney
547Simba FlockedDisney
531Ducky FlockedDisney
520Bullseye FlockedDisney
495Mufasa FlockedDisney
485Sora FlockedDisney
485Sora Flocked Monsters Inc.Disney
440Pooh FlockedDisney
441Baloo FlockedDisney
412Porkchop FlockedDisney
385Flocked SulleyDisney
355Flocked RajahDisney
353Flocked AbuDisney
301Flocked Rafiki with SimbaDisney
302Simba FlockedDisney
290Flocked Orange BirdDisney
288Flocked TiggerDisney
289Flocked Abominable SnowmanDisney
270Flocked RemyDisney
254Flocked EeyoreDisney
243Flocked BeastDisney
209Seated Sally Flocked GitdDisney
201Flocked DugDisney
178Flocked Cheshire CatDisney
159Stitch Sitting FlockedDisney
94Flocked BambiDisney
85Flocked SimbaDisney
79Flocked OlafDisney
32Flocked Winnie the PoohDisney
13Flocked LotsoDisney
12Flocked StitchDisney
4Flocked SulleyDisney
1021Kong with Axe FlockedMovies
899Penguin with Cocktail FlockedMovies
772Scott Howard FlockedMovies
724Flocked GopherMovies
420Flocked Rainbow HoovesMovies
420Flocked FluffyMovies
295Flocked ChloeMovies
294Flocked GidgetMovies
293Flocked MaxMovies
250Flocked PoMovies
187Flocked Ted with RemoteMovies
114Flocked Wolf ManMovies
40Flocked Cowardly LionMovies
4Flocked GizmoMovies
5Flocked AnimalMuppets
15Bigfoot Snowy FlockedMyths
14Bigfoot Flocked Blue GreenMyths
14Bigfoot FlockedMyths
40Grizzlor FlockedRetro Toys
165Dusty Hill FlockedRock
164Billy Gibbons FlockedRock
10Flocked Big BirdSesame Street
8Flocked ElmoSesame Street
6flocked Mr. SnuffleupagusSesame Street
5Flocked ErnieSesame Street
4Flocked BertSesame Street
2Flocked Cookie MonsterSesame Street
1Flocked Super GroverSesame Street
34Towelie FlockedSouth Park
374Battle at Echo Base Chewbacca FlockedStar Wars
239Flocked ChewbaccaStar Wars
198Flocked PorgStar Wars
198Flocked Porg Open MouthStar Wars
195Flocked Chewbacca with PorgStar Wars
63Flocked ChewbaccaStar Wars
39Flocked WampaStar Wars
26Flocked WicketStar Wars
6Flocked ChewbaccaStar Wars
1236Eagly FlockedTelevision
1143Gorn FlockedTelevision
1066Chandler Bing as Pink Bunny FlockedTelevision
991He-Man FlockedTelevision
608Bear FlockedTelevision
568Flocked Moss ManTelevision
539Flocked Beast ManTelevision
519Flocked Red with DoozerTelevision
102Flocked Lion-OTelevision
33Flocked JakeTelevision
98Skeletor on Panthor FlockedVehicles

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Are you a Funko Pop! collector? How many do you have? Which Flocked Funko Pops do you have? Let us know in the comments below!

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